Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beginning With Twitter

I tried to add a "tweet this" link but it didn't work. I'm finding out that you can't believe everything you find on Twitter. Not everything. Some things are okay.
I kept getting followed by these self help/entrepreneur/life coaching/selling me something Twitters (twits) and it was pretty frustrating, so I change my profile and then NO ONE was following me. Then I started losing followers! So... it's a process. I changed it again 10 more times and then I got a new one I like yesterday so I'm on the right track.

Plus I linked it to my website, not directly to Etsy.

Well... online sales have picked up. Gotta go - a house full of fussers right now!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Morning. I might pick up some beeswax today at Hummingbird Wholesale. In the meantime I'm testing out this here blog. Let's see what happens.

Yeah. Nothing happened. That's a little disappointing... but the author said it might take a day to set in so... we'll see.