Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mathematically Incorrect?

Wow I can not believe it's been that long since I posted last! It's not that time flies, it's that I'm easily distracted. Very easily! So what's new? Any new theories about business? Indeed, I do have a few. First and foremost I've calculated that most craft fairs and festivals are huge money and energy investments with variable outcomes that aren't exactly predictable. Have I talked about this before with you?

Oops, just interrupted by a delivery person. Okay, back to what I was saying...

Not to mention the stress levels we have to deal with as vendors - physically and emotionally. There are benefits, however, that I think most people overlook when vending at a festival and exceed the gross income at the end of the event.

The original bonus to selling at the type of venues I set up at was the fact that they're a captured audience, fascinated with their environment, in vacation mode and looking for something that can't be found anywhere else. Also, I think an important part of it is the connection the customer develops with their selected merchant/artist/person whatever you call us. It's very basic old school consumerism stuff, just on a more personal level, and shoppers find it waaay more interesting than typical purchasing of mass media corporate products they see in their every day lives. It's exciting and different and associated with fun! (at least in my booth it is - lol!!!)

So that's the plus side.

But there is a down side, kind of like a plateau... I think (in my own experience) it only goes so far - exhibiting at craft fairs and music festivals year after year - the same ones... Not that I'm going to stop entirely. Don't get me wrong! It's the approach to select shows that needs to be dealt with differently, for me, that is. I think those plus sides could be huge gold mines if done right.

Okay, my 3yr old is climbing the furniture. I have to come back later to finish this. Probably I should be writing at night when he's sleeping.