Sunday, August 22, 2010


I made my 1st sale with my website this week. 4 items. I didn't even realize it was functioning like that.  I know I talked about it with my web designer but I didn't know she had it set up for sales already. The customer was super nice and easy to communicate with and we worked out all the details through email. This is fabulous in 2 ways: 1. I learned that need to revise the shipping charge for multiple purchases in a single order, and 2. I need to get on top of getting my site more user friendly with more items for sale. So exciting!
Basically, I'm super happy about it.

What I'm not super happy about… These dresses.  They take too long to paint, think up the design, composition, color, repeating the pattern for sizes...  and then I don't want to do them. I wind up procrastinating it into a long story, then get freaked out about how long it's taking.  Discouraging.  I'm going to figure something else out with these dresses. Raise the price?  Do I want to reduce the amount of batik I do on them? That would be kinda boring….   I should step back and make new plan for my batik dresses.