Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Working on it. It's slow. It's summer and I don't feel like painting, although it's a lot easier in this beautiful weather. Lists help but only if I follow through. I have a meeting today at 1, hopefully it'll give me a little inspiration. We'll see.

We're going to talk about press releases and stuff like that. It's such an obscure biz I've got going on it's hard to say exactly what direction it's supposed to be going in.

I tend to work well under pressure, deadlines, due dates, etc. But it's summer! Who wants to be pressured in the summer? It's vacation time - time for fun!

Maybe I don't lack motivation after all.

If I could motivate to post this blog we'd be good.

One more thing, I listed a new pair of undies because it made the numbers match up:
365 positive reviews
35 items for sale
575 sales